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Asset Leasing and Financing

We are the only Training Provider in South Africa offering this niche and unique specialised In-house training to Capital Plant and Equipment Leasing and Financing Sales Personnel. The Financing of Capital plant and Equipment has evolved over the last 20 years, driven by South African Income Tax legislation, including VAT and by the demands imposed by the International Accounting Standards Board (ISAB) on the requirements on how assets and liabilities are recorded, including  developments in taxation allowances. This In-house course examines the optimal financing decisions based on the corporation’s capital structure.

This niche course is specifically designed to give Leasing and Asset Finance Providers a professional understanding on the best way to Finance Capital Plant and Equipment. This course integrates the practical knowledge in key areas in selling Lease Finance to organisations and the requirements of good banking lending principles, as well as the Income Tax and IASB requirements and what the best lending instrument that benefits the borrower (reduces the cost of capital) and reduces the risk of default (Loss given default). The course also assesses the new requirements of IFRS 9 – Financial instruments on how lenders should evaluate the underlying risk of the lease instrument over its life.


Corporate Credit Assessment

This niche In-house course provides Corporate Credit Assessment managers with the critical quantitative and qualitative elements of credit assessment of corporations who have audited financial statements. The course focuses on applying corporate analysis to the corporate credit structured framework of the 5C’s and it’s components. The 5Cs model is decomposed to the constituent variables that will allow the Credit Analyst to make better decisions that are informed and most important substantiated.
The course examine the make-up of the key Basel II credit quality metrics of Probability of Default (PD), Loss Given Default (LGD) and Expected Credit Loss (ECL). Corporate Credit Assessors will be able to determine the credit risk by examining key qualitative and quantitative factors of the corporation and calculate a two-factor score.


Business and Finance

• Corporate Finance
• Financial Modelling
• Finance for None Finance Managers
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Enterprise Risk Management
• Business Valuation
• Private Equity
• Hedge Funds
• Credit Derivatives
• Structure Finance
• Pension Funds
• Insurance Risk
• Project Finance
• Portfolio/Fund Management
• Investor Relations
• Corporate and Institutional Banking
• Financial Sector Analytics
• Alternative Investments
• Corporate Treasury Management
• Corporate Credit Assessments
• Capital Equipment Leasing and Financing



• Power Systems Engineering
• Hydro Power Generation
• Hydro Power Transmission
• Hydro Power Distribution
• Power Generation Maintenance
• Power Generation Inspection
• Cable Design and Termination
• Substation Design & Maintenance
• Electrical Systems Installations
• Biofuel Engineering
• Electric Power Audits
• Alternative Energy
• Oil & Gas Procurement
• Oil & Gas Contracts
• Oil & Gas Maintenance
• DSM-Electrical
• Carbon Trading



• Engineering contracts
• Engineering Forensics
• Engineering Procurement
• Construction Procurement
• Construction Safety
• JBCC Contracts
• FIDIC Contracts
• NEC3/4 Contracts
• Material Engineering
• Systems Design and Control
• Process Plant Engineering
• Highway Engineering
• Dam Design & Construction
• Concrete Engineering



• Mine Feasibility Management
• Mine Design and Construction
• Mine Shaft Sinking
• Drilling & Blasting
• Explosive Management
• Underground Support & Excavation
• Open Pit Slop Design
• Mine Dewatering
• Mine Waste Management
• Mineral Reserve Estimation
• Mine Automation
• Mine Planning in 3D
• Mine Safety Management
• Mine Closure Management
• Mineral Beneficiation

Procurement/ Contracts

• Supply Chain Optimization
• Procurement Transformation
• Procurement Analytics
• Warehousing Management
• ICT for Supply chain
• Logistics Management
• FIDIC Contracts
• Construction Contracts
• Freight Management
• Freight security
• Procurement Fraud