About the Company

About Us

Lenkmart (Pty) Ltd is a South African 100% black owned company offering niche In-house workshops and training courses. We are a young, growing, motivated and innovative company equipped with latest know how on organisational human capital and business improvement strategies that are geared to bring about positive impact to our client‘s bottom-line.
We understand that our corporate clients identify training needs in equipping their employees at all levels with skills to ensure optimal productivity and efficiency, which ultimately impact positively on the organisation’s bottom line. Our clients need relevant hands-on training to ensure effective realisation of business objectives. Our qualified Professional Facilitators deliver the very latest proven business skills and tested best practices to bring real measurable change and results in human Capital Investment.


Our Vision

We strive to become pioneers in customised corporate training and a preferred training partner of choice on the African continent. We believe that through our hard work and dedication, we will represent South Africa on the Global stage.

Our Mission

To bring to our corporate clients, cutting-edge business innovations and technologies through new and evolving business models, methodologies and practices that are engineered to improve organisational performance.


Our Values

  • Quality services and products
  • Integrity and loyalty
  • Excellence and professionalism

Our Edge

We offer advanced in-house courses specifically designed to tackle business and management challenges at all levels. Our advanced courses are perfect for those who have already attended introductory Masterclasses or who are starting with a higher level of experience and industry knowledge. Our edge, we strive to understand our client’s Human Capital Development journey and offer customised strategic training solutions.